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Star Signature Essences & The Glastonbury Zodiac

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The Zodiac Sun Sign Essences were made within the 12 zodiac signs called The Glastonbury Zodiac, which is a portal of stellar energy for earth itself, also called Star Temple, and we humans are able to use this energy to strengthen and restore on a mental level. The Glastonbury Zodiac has twelve areas that correspond to each zodiac sign.

It is a very special landscape and holds an energy that deserves respect, and is one of the most remarkable ancient earthworks in Great Britain. 

This great landscape configuration spreads across 10 miles and around 30 miles in circumference. This vast landmass of zodiac figures is moulded into the landscape by mounts, rivers, roads and old boundaries as well as ancient monuments and earthworks, and altered over the centuries is most likely created and shaped by Powers of nature and cosmic forces, and can only be seen from high above.


Rediscovered in 1927 by Katherine Maltwood, there is a much earlier mention of this zodiac by John Dee, alchemist, and astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century. 

The figures are representations of constellations in the heavens moulded into the fabric of the land. This area around Glastonbury has been known for centuries as the Twelve Hides (given to 12 early Christian missionaries led by Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Jesus, when he arrived here with the Holy Grail). 

This vast complex encompasses Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill in the sign of Aquarius, Wearyall Hill in Pisces, and so forth, as it weaves round the Isle of Avalon as it is known too, due to it's strong connection to Arthurian legend. 

Maltwood believed the Zodiac was constructed sometime around 2700 BCE, but earlier dates of 7000 BCE relating to Egypt’s Dendarah Zodiac, have also been suggested. 

There are other Zodiacs in England: Kingston on Thames Zodiac, The Lizard Zodiac- Cornwall, Bodmin Moor Zodiac, The Pumpsaint Zodiac, Nuthampstead Terrestrial Zodiac and the The Sheffield Zodiac in South Yorkshire.

Although the exact zodiac is not represented, it is the constellations that the energies relate to.

Here are some sites with detailed information about the Glastonbury Zodiac:'szodiac

Made with the healing waters of

Chalice Well

Within the Glastonbury Zodiac we find Chalice Well Gardens. These gardens have been built and grown around the well with iron rich water with healing properties. All our essences have been made with the healing waters of Chalice Well.

The Chalice Well is situated in The Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury -UK, which were establised in 1959. It is a World Peace Garden, situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor.

The spring is situated in the Aquarian section of the Glastonbury Zodiac - a fitting energy for the transition into the age of Aquarius.


The well itself is believed to have been built by the druids, of the pagan spiritual tradition and has a long history of many legends and is considered sacred.

A well represents the essence of life, sustaining lifeforms with its unbounded life force. This spring has been flowing for at least 2000 years.

To find out more about the gardens:


To find out more about the history:

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