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  • In first instance use your zodiac sign, also called Sun sign or star sign

  • You can make up combinations. If you are lacking fire in your chart, use the fire signs to help balance what you lack, or do the same with the air signs, earth signs or water signs.

  • The sign on the descendant can pull in your inner strength too since it can balance the ascendant.

  • Taking the essence of your current progressed Moon can help assist you in the current life phase.

  • Use the sign and house of the north node, which indicates your karmic point and the direction of life where you're heading. Use this if you're struggling with your purpose and direction. This can be combined with your Sun sign.

  • Use the essences during major returns, such as Saturn, Jupiter or Chiron return.

  • Assist love and clarity by combining the essence for your Venus sign with Libra Essence.

  • If you work with Moon cycles, the whole set of essences would be useful to assist in deepening the connection to the Moon in the signs.

Our Essences work on the mental level. You are unlikely to feel your emotions change, but look out for changes in your behaviour, outlook and mental clarity about what it is you wish to achieve in life.

More focus, less emotional energy wasted.

More creative output

The Zodiac Essences are drops you ingest. Each bottle contains stock essence which means it is a concentrate, just like the Bach Flower Essences or the Australian Bush Flower Essences.


They can be taken directly by mouth or you can dilute them once to create a dosage bottle:


  • Add 7 drops to a small bottle with 25% or 30% brandy (for preservation) topped up with mineral or sterilised water.  Take 7 drops twice a day for 2-3 weeks.

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