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How the Essences came into Life

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Star Signature Essences was created by Irma Vocht, a homeopath, healer and nature lover, who is passionate about the eco system on earth and people's health and wellbeing.

On an invitation to Glastonbury in Somerset (UK) from her astrologer in 2004, Irma was invited to think of ideas of how the energy of the Glastonbury Zodiac could be put to positive use and serve humanity. As someone who has a passionate interest in healing and esoteric astrology, in which purpose and service to others are an integral part, the vision of an Essence that would give people a greater sense of purpose was borne. Star Signature Essences and the Sun Sign Essence came into life after this visit.

The enormous quest of this work was carried out over the course of one whole year at each full moon. Irma travelled to the Glastonbury Zodiac and made an essence in the zodiac sign by the light of the full moon starting with Aries. Irma would capture the Energies of the Aries Zodiac in the landscape onto Chalice Well Water by Aries full moon light. As you could possibly imagine, it involved a lot of creeping around in the dark and early hours of the morning before sunrise!


Irma Vocht was born in Holland and has lived in the UK since 1986. The beauty of the English countryside captured her inherent love and strong connection with nature. 

Feeling quite lost without direction, she went to see an astrologer in 1996 who encouraged her to study a form of healing since it was very strongly indicated in her birth chart that this was her path. Irma chose Homeopathy, but the reading had such a profound effect on her that she wanted to understand more and started to learn astrology for herself. In 2004 she was asked to join efforts with her astrologer regarding using the energy within the Glastonbury Zodiac. Irma has also learned various forms of healing, counselling skills, astrology and flower essences.

In her homeopathic practice online and in Sussex (UK), she frequently uses the astrological natal chart to guide her patients along the healing path to greater strength and awareness by identifying their strengths and weaknesses alongside treatment.

Irma is eternally grateful to the astrologer who helped her to find her feet, and for all the encouragement and support she received in the years following.

A rest from walking the Glastonbury Zodiac (UK)

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