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Testimonial of a Virgo Woman taking Virgo Essence: I feel more hopeful, accepting and self-empowered

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

"I am about to be 60 - and really, really NOT looking forward to this next decade, my 50's having been challenging enough!!! ... Sense of life slipping by... What am I here to do, after all? All I am doing now is look after a demanding, difficult 94 year-old mother in her home; I have semi abandoned my own home, and my husband, in order to take care of her, and am still working nearly full-time in order to help pay off a mortgage on a house in which I no longer really live , and to commute a now two-and-a-half-hour-plus round-trip to work... I have absolutely no energy ( or time ) for anything else...Resentful doesn't begin to describe how I sometimes feel! There is no end in sight to any of this , and I feel very depressed...What is the point???!!!!... I decide to start taking Virgo essence from the moment the sun goes into Virgo in August 2012, and to continue it thro' my birthday on 1st September, until the sun goes into Libra. Almost immediately I start to feel more hopeful about things, and I also become acutely aware of situations in which others are putting their stuff onto me - eg: my mother's manipulations; difficult people at work, etc. This heightened perception enables me to deal with their issues calmly and without getting hooked into them through anger, fear, etc. This makes me feel much more peaceful and in control of my life and gives me a sense that life can be worth living - even with all the difficulties I have. At the time I was also feeling very low physically - with an ulcerated sore throat and feverish cold. The essence really helped my physical energy too. I feel the essence has reminded me who I truly am, making me much more accepting and self-empowered. Taking it during the sun's passage through my birth sign seems to have been especially potent."

L. A.


Virgo Testimonial

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